Top Reasons Why Graphics Boosts Conversions – Part 2

Previously, we had the chance to look at some of the best reasons as  to why you need to use compelling and cleverly designed graphics for your site. This is a continuation of the previous article, and you will find that the use of good graphics is essential to your online success.

Always remember, a boring site will always lose out to a more interesting site. A beautifully designed website gets remembered, and people generally stay longer on the site too. Hence we can say that with the recent SEO changes made by Google that take visitor stay duration into consideration, using graphics to get your visitors to stay longer is indeed a good idea as well.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the other reasons why using good graphics on your site will be help your overall profits in the long run.

Good Graphics Lessen the ‘Risk’ Factor in the Mind.

When your customer is looking to buy your stuff the one thing that they can take a look at and be relieved that the site is ‘legit’ in their mind is the graphics. If your graphic looks professional and not one of those cheap looking graphics, people will know that you care and that you are a person who will invest time and effort into developing your site.

If you are lazy and that your site has very ugly looking graphics, it will turn people off and people will think that doing business with a ‘lazy’ site owner is kind of risky. What if the site owner just does not care? This is why you should always try to look your best and invest in some good graphics to give your potential customer an ease of mind. And always be sure to let your graphic designers know that what you are looking for is to use colors that give a sense of security, especially when the visitor is nearing the checkout button.

Many gurus who took the time to test their site graphics are surprised at how much colors can affect their sales. Avid testers will swear that a site with good compelling graphics that help a buyer relate to the item. They test the graphics’ color combinations, the font colors and background colors and those colors that seem to work are colors that grab attention and colors that show a sense of security. It is commonly known that the dark-blue color is closely associated with the sense of security.

This is probably due to the fact that policemen’s uniforms are usually in that color. There could be many other reasons but the most important thing is to make sure that the graphic designer needs to make sure that the colors that are used are properly used in the right situation.

Good Cover Makes It Look ‘Tangible’ – Branding.

When selling information product or services online it is common to see people use graphics that look like an eBook or an ebox. These are called ecovers. Because information products are usually not a physical product or a tangible product, it is very hard for people to grab the understanding of buying a product that is pure ‘information’. Hence, marketers are smart enough to use e-covers to represent their information product and make it look like people are actually buying ‘real’ products where in fact, they are buying a digital product.

Using this ecover method, one can actually charge a lot more. One common tactic that you see guru’s use in their sales letter is to use multiple ecovers that are jumbled together to make the product look massive where they have a collection of ebooks, a box, some DVD disc covers, and together they made it look like the product has a much higher value than it should. People will get a sense that they are buying into a lot of stuff because the ecovers actually represent the things that they are going to buy.

Visual images help direct visitors on the right path.

Using visual stimuli graphic in your sales letter is very important. The most common one which you see on the sales letters are the arrows. Arrows are very important because they direct the attention of your viewers to the place where you want them to look at. You can use arrows to slowly direct them down the path of your sale funnel and finally get them to click on the buy button.

Besides arrows, other common visual stimuli’s could be a ‘tick’ or a ‘cross’ to represent good or bad. These will help your customers consume your message much easier than reading the entire thing.

This marketing essence inside the use of graphics is very effective. Subconsciously, you can use the graphics to take in ‘directions’ and your visitors will follow them without them knowing that you are leading the way.

Marketers like to call this the slide effect as if you put your site visitors and move them down the slide with little to no friction. This will always help you to get your customers through the sales letter and get as much out of the marketing message as they can and they might turn into a sale later.

Keeps visitors interested.

Indeed, the use of good graphic’s main reason is to keep your customers interested. You will want them to be interested in the beginning of your website, you want to them continue to read on, and you want them to follow through your entire marketing message without stopping to think. To do this, you must always use attractive graphics. However, you need to be careful not to use graphics that cause too many distractions.

Always remember that this is rarely accomplished with just mere texts. If you find yourself not using graphics to keep your visitors interested, then your only weapons are white spaces, bolding and underlining the text so that it does not strain the eye of your visitors too much. The good thing is that these days you can easily outsource for good-quality graphics with very little cost. This means you have very little reasons to ignore the use of proper graphics for your sales funnel to squeeze more conversions out of your website.

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