Speed List Building Tips For Small Online Businesses

Build your list! That’s what most Gurus will tell you. Most people however, will not tell you the pain that comes together with list building. What they will tell you are just how beneficial the list is towards your dreams. Some say that building a list is like building on your dreams of becoming wealthy. This is in fact true for the most parts as long as the list that you build is targeted and responsive to your emails. Surely most gurus that have made it far in the internet marketing game will tell you that building a list is much list having your own ATM machine where you could summon money out of thin air every time you hit the send button.

If you’ve ever tried your hands at list building you will without a doubt understand the hardship that is associated with it. There’s more than just 1 element to master in order to be a good list builder and another problem that people will face with list building is that the process itself takes a long time. It’s not a lie when the gurus tell you that you need to take your time to build your list because you will be more mentally prepared for the long process, however, there are certain tactics you can use to help speed things up just a little.

Let Your Email Work For You

When you are doing your typical email newsletter or broadcasts, you should always place a link at the bottom of your emails where people can go to and sign up to your newsletter. Do this in your non promo emails. This is because when you are sending good emails that helps people out; it makes sense for your subscribers to share them with people in their lives who are suffering from the same problem. It is in our human nature to actually share what is available out there that has worked for you. Hence you will be surprised at just how much people are willing to share your good will in your emails around and you can be sure that there will be more people signing up from your informational emails alone.

Inside your emails, all you need to do to… is to include a link right below your signature that does not scream out ‘sign up to my newsletter here’. Instead you can word it differently and say something like ‘Want to learn more? Click here’. This subtle way is very effective in getting people who are genuinely interested in what you have to share in your newsletters and this is the kind of people you would want in your newsletter anyway.


Writing Guest Articles

If you have some extra time and in the mood of writing, why not write an article or two and share your views and opinions regarding your niche with the world by writing a guest post for other people. One of the key to successful email marketing is that you should brand yourself fairly well first before getting people to trust you and hand out their money to you. Hence by writing guest posts, you are effectively showing people that you know what you are talking about and you are someone that they can trust to help out with their problems and you are getting traffic back to your site.

When you can churn out great contents for other popular websites in your niche, your articles will be in high demand because web owners are constantly hungry for quality articles to satisfy their reader’s need. This is definitely a ‘Win Win’ situation that you should take advantage of and the traffic that is sent to your landing page will ultimately turn in your subscribers if you are doing the right things to get them to subscribe.


Reduce Unsubscribes

One of the agony of building a list is to watch your list size reduce with each unsubscribes that you get. The more you try to send emails to your list, the more you will see unsubscribes. Now a great way to increase your list size is to actually slow down on the unsubscribe rates. Try to write the best content and share it with your subscribers from time to time to show them the value of being on your list. When people view your content as a useful and worthy of their inbox space, you will naturally get a lot less unsubscribes.

This way your list size will always be going up instead of a see saw kind of trend going up and down and getting you nowhere at the end of the day. One more advice to reduce unsubscribes is to actually remind your subscriber to why they were subscribed to your newsletter in the first place. Some people get confused and forgot why they are getting your emails and the reminders that you place on your unsubscribe page or emails will serve to help them remember and thus that might save you from an unsubscribe.


Use Viral Power
In your every non promotional email, it would be wise for you to harness the viral marketing. Ask politely at the end of each email for them to share your email around. Of course you must leave a link back to your opt-in page in order for this tactic to work. All you have to do is ask and those who think highly of your emails will definitely share them around. You will never know if they know anyone that is currently in a strong niche that could potentially bring you bigger opportunities.

With that said, be humble and try to share whatever you can in your email newsletters. Do not just send out promotional emails all the time. You should try your best to please your subscribers because that is the best way to get them to love you, stay with you and help you spread the word about your business. These are some of the best tactics that can help your list grow exponentially if you do the right things.

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