Pinterest Strategies for Small Businesses

By now, you should have heard of Pinterest and how small business owners absolutely adore using it to improve their business. Pinterest is an online pin board that pins messages or images that you like and shares it with the general public to see. Pinterest can be used to get traffic, brand awareness and even spying on your competitors if you like. You can also use Pinterest for market research. There are many ways to use Pinterest for your online business.

Therefore, you should head over to and create your own Pinterest account if you have not done so. Below are some of the popular ways you can use Pinterest to improve and grow your online business.


On your profile’s page you should definitely prepare a good shot of your image instead of using just a Logo. People love to see if you are a real person or not so do not be shy and place a photo of yourself in the profile image section. You can edit your logo or product image to include your own image beside it. Interacting with a business logo or an image of your product would seem weird but instead if you have an image of yourself, you will be able to see more people who are willing to interact with you.

Next you would want to make sure that your name is easily available for people to locate. Remember you can’t social or connect with other people well online unless you introduce yourself properly. Next you should add some links to your other social network sites and place the proper tags and keywords that are relevant to your business. Remember to link to Facebook and Twitter so that all your accounts can grow at the same time. Try your best to make your profile shine.


Whenever you pin an image or anything to your board make sure that you have an interesting title. The golden rule in marketing is that you should never try to bore your audience. Nobody will pay you the attention that you are seeking by being lame or boring. Therefore, never underestimate a good and interesting title for your every pin.

Try not to focus only on your product. Instead try to focus on lifestyle and other related topics in your niche. Be humorous at times and be serious on the other times. Your main purpose here is to make a connecting with other human beings instead of trying to sell them stuff. Only when they love who you are will they click your links to check out what you have to offer. Build a relationship first and only then should you monetize your traffic.

Always remember to use relevant keywords in your Pin’s description area. This is important to do so subtly so that people do not suspect you for trying to market to them, or they will lose their trust in you. Whenever you pin an image, you should be trying to make your pins look beautiful. Edit your photos properly and include some captions (captions get read 4 times more than normal text) on your image. Remember that you are competing with thousands of other photos that get pinned on Pinterest every single hour.


Whenever you are posting on the boards, you should try to be yourself and have fun. It’s ok to be playful once in a while. Use fun sounding titles that will bring laughter and smiles. Repin images that you like and pin supporting images to your repins and your own pins. Again always try to include relevant keywords or tags into your description area. This is how people can understand your product or business better.


Here are some tips that you can use for the images that you wish to pin. Always try to watermark your images so that if it gets shared around, other people who got your image will be able to reach back to your website. Your product photos should be edited to be stylish and trendy. Don’t try to be boring, instead go all out and try to wow every single person that had a chance to lay their eyes on your images.

Consider getting a good camera and start snapping photos for Pinterest or hire a good photographer to do a few snaps for you. A good professional-looking photo can do a lot for your business. In fact, many studies based on Facebook and Pinterest stresses the importance of click through seems to come from the images that you use. Good viral images will almost always pull more clicks than those dull and uninteresting ones. Also, a beautiful female photo has always been a great trick to get more clicks to your post so be sure to take advantage of this trigger.

Sometimes you might want to pin some photos to your videos if you have a message or a longer marketing message that requires a visual presentation to help you convey the message.


Pinterest is a great place to do your market research. You can even use it to spy on your competitors who are on Pinterest as well. If you have the time, you should be constantly monitoring the Pin boards within your market and your competitors’ pin board. Other ways to use Pinterest includes making use of Pinterest to seek out keywords in your niche that you have never thought of before. By checking out other pins in your niche you will gain a lot of new knowledge and knowledge is power especially if you act on it.

Lastly, you can use Pinterest to see what kind of pins that gets repin and uses the new Intel to make similar pins yourself. Use Pinterest the right way and if your picture goes viral so will your website. Most importantly, have fun, meet new people and grow rich.

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