List Building Is Not Your First Step

Everyone has heard that list building is the key to success when trying to become a successful internet marketer.  If you have been in internet marketing for any time at all you heard a million times, “the money is in the list!”  This couldn’t be more true, but the problem most newbie marketers face is they take this information and do one of two things with it:

1.  Do nothing:  Not taking action is a common mistake for most newbies.  They feel they don’t have the skills or knowledge to complete the tasks required to build their own list.


2.  Build the List:  I know this sounds contradictory to the first problem.  In fact, it is!  The problem with building a list quickly is you will spend a great deal of time, money or both and get no return on your investment.  You see you have to know the crucial information known as “relationship building” before you begin building your list.

There are tons of products and courses available on the internet that teach you how to build your list.  In fact, I have spent tons of time and money on these products myself.  Most of them are truly quite helpful in leading you to the steps you need to build a list and do it quite quickly.  The problem is many of them lack the important information teaching you how to effectively market to a list before you build it.

In my own experience with beginning to build my list I saw great success. I was able to build a list of 500 subscribers in a three week period.  I had read many times over that I would be getting on average $1 per subscriber per month.  At 500 subscribers I was sure I would be making real money in no time.  However, I was only able to make a single sale from my list over the next 3 months.  That sale equated to a total of $17.  This was hardly the profit I was promised and expected to make.

The reason for my lack of success was I never understood how to build a relationship with my email subscribers.  In fact, I just took the pre-written emails given to me from a product creator’s affiliate page and simple plugged them into my auto responder.  I assumed these product owners were experts and there was no way I could write better sales emails than they could.

Well, after 3 months of frustration I went back to the drawing board.  I have since spent the next 6 months researching and learning everything I can on how to build a relationship with my subscribers.  I have spent hours studying copywriting.  I have subscribed to the big “guru” email lists and watched how they try to build a relationship with me.

Now you’re probably thinking why am I giving blogging about a personal experience.  Am I using my blog as a diary? No, I just want to make sure anyone looking at becoming involved in list building saves themselves some time and money by learning how to build a relationship prior to beginning your major list building efforts.

I wish you all luck in your list building efforts.  Feel free to share any golden nuggets you might have in regards to list building below.  Together we can help one another to become successful in this crazy business known as internet marketing!

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