Let’s Take a Look at Branding Your Online Business

When it comes to marketing online, one common question that you will hear from people is that is everything brandable and if we should brand just about everything? Well one thing is for sure and that is as an internet marketer, you should brand yourself and your business for long term benefits because if you take a look at some of the most successful gurus and internet entrepreneurs, you will find that they spend a lot of time and effort to brand themselves as the best in the industry and thus they get to make a lot more money than most of the business owners online.

One of the things about branding is that you should always try to create brand awareness for your business. This is so that your product or brand is easily recognizable and it is associated with positive emotions or opinions about your product. If your products gets a lot of good positive feedback and the awareness of your brand or product is on the positive side which will in turn make you more profits at the end of the day.

You will know that your product has strong brand awareness when your brand is easily recognizable everywhere much like the big brands such as Coke, McDonalds or Nike. These huge companies spend a lot to of budget and money to create the best brand awareness for their brand so that they can become the industry leader and people will come to them when they need what they have to offer automatically.

As branding your business does take time and effort, we’ve prepared a few branding strategies for internet marketers that you might want to consider for your own business as well.

Always Self Brand First

The very first thing you can do to build a branding presence online is to focus on yourself. You can brand your own name, your image and everything that has to do with you such as your own personality. This is quite common in internet marketing, and you can see mega gurus such as Frank Kern who uses his personality and conversation style to get himself branded all over the internet.

The good thing about branding yourself is that you can easily do it online without too much of a cost. You can cleverly insert your name into your affiliate email promotions and when they send out to their list, your name gets noticed. For example, inside the email swipes which you will prepare for your affiliates, you can include lines like “Frank Kern, the mega multi-millionaire seller, creator of Mass Control has just come up with a new video…”.

Not only will you be getting your own name heard you will get a lot of credibility if your affiliates or list has a good reputation in the eyes of their subscribers. And it is very easy to do, not to mention that it does not cost much at all to use this tactic to brand yourself. Often times, when you are branding yourself, you are also at the same time branding your business or product as well.

Walk Your Talk

Nothing works better than walking your own talk when it comes to building brand awareness for yourself and your product. It tells your general audience that you know what you are doing, and that you actually use the tactics that you preach. Be proud of what you do and show it to them. Many people believe that others do not care about them but only care for themselves.

However, they DO care if you are using whatever your product is for yourself or your own business so that they can decide if this is actually going to benefit themselves or not. Therefore, when you use your own product, you tell them that you actually believe in your own product. Next, you can show them how your product is doing for other ordinary guys just like them that use your product and are getting results. This should easily enforce your brand’s effectiveness in solving the problem when your audiences see the testimonials.

Article Marketing

Most people out there are using Article Marketing to get traffic. This is all good, but considering the fact that if you are going to use Article Marketing, you should realize that this is one of the best online tactics you can use to create brand awareness. Not only is it a very cheap method, it is also very effective in getting targeted traffic as well.

When you use article marketing to brand yourself, always include your own picture or a picture of your product. This is very important because it is much easier for people to recall a picture than a wall of text. Make sure that your domains you are using are the name of your product or your own name depending on your branding goals.

Think about it, if you can get 2 articles a day out there on the internet consistently, after a year, you will have at least 600 plus articles out there all pointing back to your site and every single view on the article will get you and your product noticed. The key here is consistency so that you can get a lot of articles out there. Plus the chance of your articles getting noticed by the masses will increase as the number of your article grows.


Perhaps the one thing that you can spend money on for online branding is on your logo or product cover. Make sure it is carries a punch and make sure that your logo is catchy and easy to remember. If you think about those big brands out there such as Nike, Addidas, Or Coke, your mind will automatically flash their logo or image because they have done a great job with their branding.

Hence, you will find that your own personal picture (make sure that you look presentable) or your logo is of absolute quality so that you get your image instilled in the brains on your audience every single time they come across your material. Start branding early and you will soon see your reputation soar. Be sure to keep your customers happy, and you will never go hungry online.

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