Lessons From The World’s Top Copywriters

Copywriting is an essential part of internet marketing. Without a good sales copy you will struggle to make any substantial income. Without the art of copywriting, the internet marketing scene will not be what it is today. It is said that if there is any skill that you need to learn as an internet marketer it will be copywriting.

Let us look into some of the important lessons that famous copywriters have taught us in the past.

The Unique Selling Proposition (THE USP).

What makes your product so special that people should buy from you? If you could answer this question, then your product has a USP. Without a USP, people can just choose to buy from another person. Therefore, when creating your product or producing your sales copy, make sure you know what your USP is beforehand. Having a good USP usually puts you in a good spot where you will be able to market to your visitors and show them what your product has over your competitors.

Rarely are products non-duplicable. Most of the time, people can easily duplicate a product or come out with a similar product that you own. If you have a USP that is non-duplicable, then people who like your USP have no other choice but to buy from you even when you charge a much higher fee. Take the car Toyota, for example. For many years, people know Toyota has a reputation in its reliability. Other car brands are known to have lesser reliability ratings, and it is hard to reproduce or duplicate these believe in the masses.

This is why although Toyota cars are not fancy looking, but they do sell well because they know what their USP is and they focus on perfecting it so that people will keep on buying their cars for the reliability reason.

Provide the proof to your argument.

Today in the digital age, people are not going to take your words for granted. Instead, they will do their research and be very skeptical towards every single offer that they get especially when the internet is full of bas schemers and scammers.

Therefore, whatever you try to sell, you will have to try your best to prove to them that you are not out to scam them, and that you are out to produce results. No matter how many times you try to convince them, you will find them skeptical and uneasy to part with their money until you prove to them that whatever you are saying in true.

The best way to proof your case is to get social testimonials from people who you do not know personally. Testimonials from real people who took the plunge and invested in your product will always be the best kinds of testimonials and proof that your product works.

The next-best thing that you can show them is that you are using your own product with excellent success. However, be careful when you show screenshots. Be sure to show them screenshots that cannot be easily faked because people are getting smarter each day.

List out the objections.

When writing a good copy, one the best thing that you can do is to list out the most probable objections that people will come out with when reading your copy. When you have the list of objections or questions that might be asked, you can then solve and answer every single one of them on your copy so that you can reduce and educate them when the problem arises.

Be sure to address the problems with powerful and logical reasoning so that people will not be suspicious of your answers. Make sure that your arguments are believable and logical so that it does not put them on the scam alert zone. Therefore, a good practice is to always include proofs that show that the end result is actually achievable by the buyers themselves.

First impression matters.

Like it or not, first impressions do matter when it comes to the overall feel of your website and copy. Be sure to provide proper graphics to accompany your message and be sure to have a good-looking cover to show the people that your product is professionally done. If you have to save on the graphics, the most important thing, you can do is to keep your sales letter copy neat and clean. Format your sales copy appropriately and make sure that it is easy on the eyes of your reader.

Read through your own sales letter and check to see if you have any part of the copy that is not smooth or boring. Always try to lighten things up when you reach a part of your copy that is dull. Your copy has to be compelling in order to keep the attention of your readers alive.

Having a good first impression on your sales letter copy will always improve the way people look at your business. They will know that you are someone who cares since your website, your copy and your graphics all look professional. Never be caught with a site that reeks out ‘uncaring’ to your customers because people will avoid those kinds of annoying sites like a plague.

Always remember this, a good compelling copy will need to be able to get the attention of the reader at the beginning, keep them glued to your copy for as long as it takes to get them to decide to buy and to get them take action. These elements if done right can always produce good conversion rates, especially if your product is seen by targeted traffic. Learn copywriting early in your marketing life and you will be rewarded with a good and profitable life ahead.

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