I Get Great Solo Ads (Revised Copy)

Steve "The Email Principal" Martinelli

Steve “The Email Principal” Martinelli

Have You Ever Been Burned Purchasing A Solo Ad?

Well, I have more than I would like to admit.  So, I wanted to get this report out to everyone I know now to save you the time and tons of money I have spent learning how to win at the Solo Ad Game.

Originally I wrote this report and listed it as a FREE WSO on the warrior forum so the video below was taken directly from the WSO page.  So, I apology for the “warrior” references and “wso” references, but the video outlines the content in the report so I wanted to include it here.

Solo Ads are my number one traffic source!  They are an instant source of traffic sent to any page I wish.

But buying solo ads has become a more risky adventure than ever before.  In today’s Internet Marketing world, too many people are building solo ad businesses without truly understanding how they should be run.  They can send you an agreed upon number of clicks to your web offer but these clicks often come from recycled list subscribers or consist of very low quality traffic.

Solo Ads has been and is still today my number one traffic source I use to profit in my business.  It just takes a little more work today to ensure you are getting quality for your dollar.  It is also important you have all the pieces of a proper sales funnel in place to make solo ads work for you today.

Get instant access to my free report “I Get Great Solo Ads” and discover my simple 3 step system to ensure you are never burned with a solo ad purchase again.


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