Faking Productivity Is Bad For Business

Many newbie marketers fail each year and they have no idea why when they stayed busy all year long trying their best to start a successful internet business. The reason is a problem with productivity and a problem with staying focused.

If a marketer is not laser focused with whatever they are doing (especially in the initial stage) and if they get constantly distracted by the marketing noise around them, then they will surely fail with their business. Another big problem that most online marketers who have failed before is due to the fact that they are faking productivity. Allow me to explain more about this issue.

What’s productivity?

This is a very important question to answer because productivity is the key for any business to move on. Productive work is known as work that will provide direct results to your business profits. For example, if you are going to build your list then that will definitely increase your profits. So when you spend time building your list, those works that you did for building your list are categorized as productive work.

However, if you are spending time buying a domain name on your website, or learning new ‘methods’ to earn money online, then these tasks are actually nonproductive tasks. Note that this kind of task won’t directly contribute to increasing your profits. This means that you should either outsource this kind of task or if you absolutely need to do these tasks yourself, then you have to try and be rid of them as quick as you can.

Other unproductive tasks that takes up a lot of time and worth mentioning would be link building, writing articles, checking your emails or replying your emails, browsing through the forums and much more.

These tasks are very time consuming. Assuming that you work 6 hours a day on your pc, but only 1 hour is use for productive work, then you can expect very little in return for your business. Therefore, you should learn to put more time and effort into your productive workload to ensure that you will earn even more money.

Productive tasks that are worth mentioning are such as negotiating deals with JVs, improving your sales letter conversions, buying traffic for your site or anything that can directly contribute to making more sales. When dealing with productive tasks, you should work in the area of your strength and then outsource the rest to those who are good at what they do. Sure you might have to share some of your revenue sometimes, but you will find that things will get done much faster and your business will grow tremendously well with very little roadblocks or hiccups along the way.

What’s Faking Productivity?

There is a saying that goes like this. Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving – Dennis Waitley. This is very true because many newcomer online marketers are pressed with time and budget so they try their best to keep themselves busy. They will often try to do everything themselves to save on the cost and they will try to find out what they could to make money instead of just focusing on what’s important and make it work for them. Often times, you will see marketers scrolling the entire day on a forum or checking their emails frequently without getting any productive work done. What happens here is that they actually ‘feel’ busy and they tell themselves that a lot have been done for the day and it’s ok to take a rest for the rest of the day.

The problem is this happens every day. So after a few months or so, they have nothing to show for it. At the most they can tell you their ‘plan’ on what niches that they wish to be in and what kind of product they want to product. They can sometime even tell you all the techniques that they have learnt and how much money they have spent on educating themselves on how to make money online. However, if you ask them to show you their first product or landing page, they will smile meekly and give an excuse such as they were going to get it done soon or they have not gotten to that task yet.

What a newcomer should have done is, learn 1 method that everyone says it works, and go ahead and build the site, and product for it. Note that building the website and product for it is not considered productive tasks so one should not dwell too long on this phase. Only when you start driving traffic to your site and only when you start tweaking your marketing message will you see results. This is pretty much like a boat rocking back and forth endlessly in the middle of the ocean and it will only move towards the right direction if the driver or the boat will start peddling towards their destination.

Make a list and distinguish your tasks

Hence the best thing a newbie marketer can do is to try and sit down and quickly list down the entire tasks that they have been doing and mark the task properly as productive or non-productive. This is the best way for them to tell themselves which task is going to make them money and which task does not.

Learn to eliminate distractions and soon you will be slowly moving forward step by step. Be careful not to fall into the trap of feeling busy but when all you are doing is nothing productive. Focus on what is important and you will soon see the results that are important to you. Learn to outsource the little stuff but takes up a lot of your time so that you can have more time to do what really matters for you and your business.

If by the end of a day you are totally satisfied and know that what you have done today will produce results such as a sale or an opt-in tomorrow, then you are definitely on the right track. Keep doing what’s right and may your business bloom like there is no tomorrow!

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