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SEO Copywriting: The Necessary Evil

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and people use SEO to get their sites to rank high on the search engines. Copywriting is defined as writing a marketing message intended for sales or advertising. Hence SEO Copywriting would indicate that it is a crossover between SEO techniques and compelling content writing. Although this term is…

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Let’s Take a Look at Branding Your Online Business

When it comes to marketing online, one common question that you will hear from people is that is everything brandable and if we should brand just about everything? Well one thing is for sure and that is as an internet marketer, you should brand yourself and your business for long term benefits because if you…

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How To Write Your Own Copy For Sales Letters

As you probably can tell from my posts to this blog, I love copywriting.  Obviously this is one aspect of your marketing you shouldn’t take lightly.  Without good copy you will never grow your business into a profitable machine.  I suggest for many with the means to outsource their copywriting to an experience pro. Writing…

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Lessons From The World’s Top Copywriters

Copywriting is an essential part of internet marketing. Without a good sales copy you will struggle to make any substantial income. Without the art of copywriting, the internet marketing scene will not be what it is today. It is said that if there is any skill that you need to learn as an internet marketer…

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