Anticipation – The Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Marketing is full of wonderful mysteries and it is a system that business owners use to sell their product out to the masses. Without marketing, you will not have any advertisements or noise in your life. Some think that this is a good thing but one thing for sure is that it will be hard to make a lot of sales without the use of marketing tactics. Marketing is a dynamic topic and it is always evolving. Perhaps one of the most powerful marketing techniques that we see used by expert marketer is the exploit on human anticipation.

Anticipation in a normal human being is can be built using clever marketing tactics that feeds constant quality information to tease the brain. When done right, a marketer will be able to tap into the potential client’s buying mood and get them to buy with any sort of hesitation at all. In fact in recent years, we see a lot more marketers both online and offline using the power of anticipation to sell their products on their product launches and these results in millions of copies sold within the first few hours. Anticipation is indeed the most powerful marketing tool today and rightfully so in the future as well.

Movie Magic

Some examples that we see marketing with the use of anticipation on a large scale are clearly seen on big movies’ release. Trailers are released slowly with a teaser in place first to get people curious on what is coming or what to expect. After a teaser trailer, movie marketers will release an official trailer to get you really excited to watch the upcoming movie. The trailers will then make its appearance on other movies and media to further brand itself before the official release. And with all that done, a clear ‘release’ date will be in the minds of all the fans and people will be talking about it everywhere from YouTube to Forums.

The buzz is high and when the movie is finally released… you will see masses of people flocking to the cinemas to watch well marketed movies. If you compare big budget movies (more marketed and more anticipation is involved) to those that are in the low budget, the big budget movies usually sell for more tickets during their openings. The numbers and profits will be in the millions even in the first few days of the opening. Thus this shows us the true power of anticipation in marketing hit movies (they are a hit due to all the hype, buzz and marketing) and if they were able to please the initial crowd, words will spread and more money will come for a long time.

In the Gaming Arena

Now the use of anticipation for products is not just for movies. In fact we are seeing a lot of similar traits that you see for a movie premiere to a video game launch. First a planned game will be announced years ahead of the release date. Trailers and interviews will be slowly featured and people will start anticipating for the game after seeing so much ‘fun’ or ‘intriguing’ facts about the game. The desire that is built up during the anticipation phase is so strong, people NO longer care if the game is expensive or not. In fact, all they want is a way to give you their money now so that they won’t have to wait any longer.

Hence, a branch of this powerful marketing technique has brought upon a new breed of tactic and that is… the ‘pre-order now’ button. Yes, video games are now being bought even before the release date. They are giving users an option to actually pay money first before releasing the real product into the market. This does two important things. The first one is that it can gauge the amount of hype and buzz and if the anticipation is enough right now. If during the pre-order stage, and the response is not as good, they will continue to ‘delay’ the game release and continue with building the anticipation.

There’s a reason why top game developers like blizzard (infamous for delaying their game releases) always make a huge buzz and anticipation before their game releases, and the reason is one thing… topping the sales record. The second reason for pre-ordering is on the psychological fact that people who can’t wait anymore can actually pay first and go out and tell their friends about it. They are so hyped that it can become a great advertising medium for the marketer and the best of it all is that you are getting paid to advertise. Unbelievable!

Internet marketing exposed.
Now for online marketing we have seen the power of anticipation right before our eyes whenever those big gurus decide to launch a high ticket offers above $500 (highest I’ve heard of so far is $25k) and they use the pre-launch phase to build the anticipation, buzz and hype to a desired level before they release the product. And if you are not new to Internet marketing, then surely you will have heard of those hero stories from big gurus on how they did a multimillion dollar launch in less than 24hrs. It happens and it is all thanks to the power of anticipation.

There has never been a more powerful marketing tactic that has the ability to steal the sleep of the people that are trapped under this marketing spell. In fact, some people got trapped so deep that they feel like they could not do anything else until the product is finally in their hands. Again, this powerful marketing tactic is known to cause people to buy illogically based on their own desires. If you want to make some real hard cash on the internet like a boss… and then harness the power of anticipation, master it and there will be nothing to stop you from becoming the next internet millionaire.

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