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Steve "The Email Principal" Martinelli

Steve “The Email Principal” Martinelli

M.S. in Education


Steve Martinelli currently serves as an elementary school principal and is the owner of I.M. Martinelli.  He has a passion for teaching and learning.  For the past two years he has been actively involved in several internet marketing businesses.  He owns several niche websites, has published several E-books on the Kindle Direct Publishing Network, has done some SEO work, mobile site building, etc.  He has finally decided to follow his passion and “teach” others how to develop successful internet businesses.


From Steve Martinelli,

Hi, this is Steve Martinell.  I’m excited that you have found this page.  The one thing that has driven me crazy throughout my “learning curve” in internet marketing is the amount of information available which often comes with no support.  You can find anything you want to learn about on the internet, both for nothing and for quite a pretty penny.  However, the individual attention and support is often lacking in this information.

That is why I have decided to be different.  You see, internet marketing is not my full time job.  Although it is a passion of mine and I enjoy learning and implementing new strategies, my day job as mentioned above is an educator.  So, as I’m always trying to learn everything I can in the internet marketing field, I’m not in it to make a million dollars.  It is more of a hobby, a sort of game I enjoy trying to master.  That is why I decided to start I.M. Martinelli.  I want to help people trying to make a real living in this field without them having to pay an arm and leg for it.  My whole goal is to provide my customers with the support they deserve and I wish I had when starting out.

I’m a full time elementary school principal and love my position.  I have a passion for teaching and learning.  That is why I have chosen to focus my new venture on helping others.  It is in my blood.  Come back to I.M. Martinelli often and see the new information you can get for nothing and ask questions.  I will do my best to give you honest answers and guide you in the right direction.  Now, I obviously do plan to make some money from my efforts, I’m not going to lie.  However, you will never see a promotion on this blog that I don’t personally use in my own business, or have received from someone I trust.  I have spent a few thousand dollars getting coaching from some of the great names in this business and I’m happy to pass along all that I have learned to you.

More About ME

I”m a family man first and foremost.  I’m a husband and father of two and have lived in the same small town for all of my 40+ years.  The main reason for pursuing internet marketing is to provide for my family opportunities I didn’t get as a child.  My long term goals are to generate enough additional income so my wife can pursue a different career and be home more with our children.  If you are looking to build a successful business on the internet, my promise to you is to respond to your questions.  I may not have all the answers, but I usually can send you in the right direction if I don’t.  I’m part of several internet marketing mastermind groups and have access to some of the biggest and brightest internet marketing minds on the planet.

So, take a chance on a small town guy to help you out and get you started the right foot.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at  steve@immartinelli.com  Answers are Free!

Steve Martinelli

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